While honoring original principles of each Yoga style, I infuse my Yoga and Meditation classes with Balinese philosophy of connecting with nature and spirits, together with elements of Buddhist philosophy, in ways that fits modern life. Allowing classes to be a holistic, nurturing, experience for body, mind and soul.

Kailash Yoga:

This unique style of Yoga is inspired from my study of the five elements at the Oracle School of Life in Tembok, Bali. Kailash Yoga combines a special breath work and meditation technique (Golden Pranayama) with classical Hatha and Yin posture flow, active visualizations and the use of elements of sound and aromatherapy. This exceptional yoga style helps to activate our five senses to make deeper contact with the five elements in our body and the universe. It also opens the seven chakras in our body.

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Hatha Yoga:

Hatha Yoga or the “forceful Yoga” is the most widely known and practiced Yoga style in the modern world. Focusing on various asanas or postures, it aims to increase the vitality, strength, and flexibility of the body. Hatha Yoga has been used and proven effective in the medical world to assist in healing various illnesses, as well as to help relieve stress.

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Yin Yoga:

Initially developed by a western Yogi, Paul Grelly, Yin Yoga practice focuses on applying moderate stress to the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and fascia). By holding seated or laying postures for two to five minutes, Yin Yoga is an effective practice to improve flexibility, circulation in the joints and stimulates meridians (energy lines) in the body. This calming and relaxing style is a meditation practice in itself, as it allows one to focus and observe various bodily sensations while holding postures in stillness.

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Yoga and Live Music

Upon request, Yoga classes can be accompanied with live music of soulful gentle and/or energizing songs performed by myself and local talented musicians.



Meditation Techniques:

Meditation is vital for everyone living in modern society. Having a routine practice of meditation can help us manage our stressful busy life. Various meditation techniques bring various benefits, from calming the mind, stopping the monkey-mind, energy protection and cleansing, also healing discomfort or illness in the body. For further inquiries about my meditation classes, please click here.

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