A true journey towards awakening and a peaceful-happy life starts with Pain. It is a loud and clear call that forces us to stop, question what we have done, awaken, and return our attention home: to the body. Pain reminds us that we have let ourselves drown in endless wanting, planning, chasing, hoarding, the automatic-thinking of the material world. It awakens us from our prolonged “deep sleep,” and from the ignorance of the ego-mind.

It is Pain that helps us realize that we have abandoned and ignored the body, where the endless stillness and blissful feelings that we’ve been seeking are only a breath inward. Pain reminds us of the importance of living with a healthy body, peaceful mind, and happy heart.

At the Kaliash Project, Eka Kailash offers Yoga and Meditation sessions, Craniosacral therapy, and Light therapy to assist you in harmonizing relationships between the body, mind and soul. These modalities have proven effective in restoring health and vitality, bringing peace, happiness, smiles and laughter back into many lives. — Helping us move beyond Pain and into a healthier balance between the material and spiritual world.