His simple yet profound messages throughout enhanced my practice.

As a solo traveller I naturally found myself gravitating towards the beautiful wonders of Ubud, Bali and there my yoga mat lay on the floor of the Yoga Barn in May of this year (2017). Greeted by the calm, warm nature and gentle voice of Eka, never would have I imagined that attending a yoga class (Yin yoga) would change my world! Not only did he connect the mind and body to the present in a way no other Yoga teacher has before but his simple yet profound messages throughout enhanced my practice and has now given me a new way of experiencing the world around me. His beautiful direction ‘FEEL THE GOOD FEELINGS’ has changed me forever. I am so happy I found myself attending Eka’s class at the start of my travels because that one simple phrase refocused me through the tough times, making me feel love and appreciation for being here and… I feel the good feelings in all that I do.

Thank you Eka, I am blessed to have met you x

Natasha Damree
London, Uk

I have known Eka…

I have known Eka since he first enrolled in our yoga teacher training program with School of Sacred Arts, but I first spotted him at a public event he was hosting. He immediately stood out as a brightly shining charismatic soul. In the years since, having trained and worked behind the scenes with us in various roles from admin to teaching Yoga to offering healing sessions in his private practice, Eka has grown even more into being a skilled, empathic and compassionate soul with inspiring gifts he shares generously and capably. I am fortunate to call him a trusted and cherished friend.

Simone MacKay
School of Sacred Arts

It was truly a mystical, beautiful journey…

I am currently a holistic psychiatrist who has been exploring all different kinds of healing modalities so I can better heal myself so I can heal others. This healing experience was one of the most profound, and special experiences which I will never forget.

My session with Eka is something that can not be accurately described through the limitation of words and language as i was taught; spirituality is experienced not spoken. Communication and scheduling was a breeze and I showed up with my heart and mind open with no expectations. I was asked a few broad questions about myself and the session began. Within seconds of gentle touch I was intuitively brought into a sacred space in my subconscious. Through the transference of Eka’s tremendous heart energy I was able to freely explore my inner child. I was able to see how trauma as a child had led to fear in my heart and was able to see that it wasnt my fault and was able to bring love and forgiveness to myself. Then Eka transferred his touch to the back of my heart. Here I was able to intuitively feel and know my sense of purpose in this world through visualization of the life of Christ and my own life. His touch seemed to open a portal into the deepest part of the wisdom and memories held in my body and then bring a sense of love to each part. It was truly a mystical, beautiful journey into the higher parts of my consciousness.

I am profoundly grateful to my teacher Eka. His presence immediately put my body at ease and I trusted him as a healer i think because he radiates the energy of peace, discipline, wisdom and most of all unconditional love and a heart that has been moved by love to serve.

From my heart to yours…Please if you seek healing, do yourself and the world a gesture of love and spend some healing time with Eka; a beautiful, mystical, disciplined, loving teacher who has done the work himself and is now sharing it with this world. With love and gratitude.

Samuel Lee

I felt safe to allow what came up to be released…

I arrived without much idea of what to expect only knowing that it felt the right time to try my first Craniosacral therapy session, and that Eka had been highly recommended to me. I’m incredibly glad I did. Eka put me at ease immediately meaning I felt safe to allow what came up to be released, leaving me with a real sense of lightness, relief and clarity. Following the bodywork Eka shared his insights, thoughts and incredibly wise words. His level of intuition and understanding are truly amazing, and he communicated these insights in such a considered and accessible way I felt he’d known me my whole life! I couldn’t recommend Eka more highly.

Sophy Mills
United Kingdom

Eka is a profoundly intuitive & empathic bodyworker.

Eka is a profoundly intuitive & empathic bodyworker, who was able to sense deeply into my internal landscape. Revealing the underlying patterns playing out in my body mind that were beyond my own perception. Ever since I have highly recommended Eka’s treatments to both my students & my peers whom also continue to report profound experiences beneath his healing hands.

Tina Nance
Yoga Teacher

My headache pain duration reduced slowly until it was completely gone.

I’m never a Yoga person, and having suffered from cluster headache for 20 years with no successful medications so far, I did have my doubts when a friend made me go to Eka. I didn’t say much on the first meeting, and Eka just told me to lie down and sleep. He put his hands on my head and after 30 minutes of awkward-sleep-pretending, he’s able to tell what’s going on inside my head, surprisingly, without me feeling judged. He told me to write down or doodle my thoughts out, and told me to come again next week. He never asked to see what I wrote or draw, and we repeated the process for the next 5 weeks. Up until now I still didn’t know what exactly he did to my head. I just noticed that I was able to sleep soundly on the third session onwards, and that my headache pain duration reduced slowly until it was completely gone. He told me I was as tense as a tree trunk on the first session, but began to soften bit by bit every week. If you have heard of cluster headache, you will know that it’s one of the worst possible pain known to medical science, and I spent 20 years going through that while being angry and desperate. With Eka, I learned to breathe slower, to accept my pain and to make peace with myself. Love you, Eka!

Cecilia Hidayat
Vizual Artist

Eka’s work even gave me relief from the arthritis…

Eka is not only a gifted Yoga teacher (one of the best l’ve ever had) but also has golden hands. Getting a cranio session from Eka is nothing less than a magical experience. Eka’s work even gave me relief from the arthritis of my left hip that had been bothering me for over ten years. Thank you Eka!

Robert van Dijk
EU Development Cooperation
the Netherlands

…healing and transformative.

Receiving a Craniosacral session from Eka is healing and transformative. It took me into a state of elevation, but in a safe environment. Putting my body and nervous system into almost ecstatic relaxation, as blockages were removed. Born in Bali he combines the ancient wisdom of the island’s culture with his own ‘worldly’ experiences. East meets west and vice versa. As a qualified Yoga teacher he knows all about the body, mind and beyond. I felt completely comfortable in the healing hands of Eka. And he is also just a very nice Balinese guy!

Yvette Benningshof
The Netherlands

I have had some incredible journeys with Eka.

I have had some incredible journeys with Eka. I have had a number of sessions including Yoga classes, Craniosacral therapy as well as guided meditation using the Ajna light. He is kind, caring and has tremendous connections and intuition. He utilised this rare combination of qualities to help me heal as well and important life changing advice. Thanks Eka – I’m looking forward to our next session!

Christopher Philipson
Forest Ecologist

He gave me clarity…

I had no expectation going into my first session with Eka, but meeting this kind soul gave me so much insight.
There is no rush with Eka and he takes his time, this is a place where you feel safe.
He asked me how he could help me, and I said “I know, but I don’t know”. We didn’t have to use words and then our session started.
In a relaxing environment, Eka started his process. When we were done, he hold my hands and then we dived into to a deep and meaning sharing and Eka was so clear and precise. He gave me clarity on things that have been building deep within, thoughts and question I have never shared with anyone, but he knew. And he knew very precise.
He also gives you homework and suggestions on the next step in your journey.

I am doing my exercises every day. I still have a very long way to go, but Eka showed me a light and the courage to continue.

Natja Noviani
New York

…authenticity, kindness, intelligence…

As I was getting out of the Light session room, Eka asked if I would be up to write a testimonial for his new website.. “oh my, that was such a terrible session, if I do so nobody will ever want to do it” I thought… I grimaced and he said “oh but you can write on the cranio-sacral session” as I had one last July and totally loved it… I was like “okayyyy, suuuure…” but walking away it was “come onnnnn Eka, how could you ask me that???……”, feeling very disappointed about this session, as pretty much every emotion and sensation I usually run away from, came up while under the Light…. confusion, anger, doubt, anxiety, then a little break of gentle nurturing love, and quickly back to more confusion, then feeling my left leg being twisted and squeezed, followed by disappointment, feeling like a mess, stress, and anxiety again……

It all stopped only when the session ended. In between emotions it got really clear to me though that I had booked this session to escape what’s happening in my life and to spend some sweet time flying in the heavens….. Oh well, lying down under the Light with my eyes closed I had no choice but to face it and stay with it, so that’s what I did.

Walking back to my hotel, I wasn’t pleased with it at all, thinking I may never book a Light session again, and even cancel my cranio-sacral session next week… and definitely not wanting to write a testimonial about anything…..

The rest of the day was smooth, and I didn’t think about it much. The following day, much to my surprise I felt like a burden had been taken off my shoulders, in a very delicate way, with much love and grace and acceptance, and since that moment, I feel at peace with what is and what was!! Wow, that Light session was such a profound healing!!! Thank you Eka, your work is totally on point, and through it all I felt welcomed with so much authenticity, kindness, intelligence and the most beautiful smile!! You are very precious and gifted!! No need to say I can’t wait to my next session lol!!

I’d like to add that as an osteopath D.O. working with cranio-sacral too, the session I received by Eka last year was the best I have ever experienced. Highly recommended, just as much as the Light sessions.

Much love and gratitude Eka, wishing you the best and to you all, beautiful sessions and healing and peace.

Sophie Wenger

His Yoga is taught expertly and gently…

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with Eka in Bali on retreat over the last couple of years, and I’ve had the chance to experience his yoga, his incredible singing voice and his wisdom. He is a refreshing and inspiring person who amongst other things has a unique balance of wisdom and fun. His Yoga is taught expertly and gently, his laughter is contagious and he radiates love, I spend a lot of time smiling when I’m with Eka.

Amanda Sculli
Creative Manager

Eka is a great teacher…

Eka is a great teacher, he always sees the individual and brings out the best.

Susanna Tersal
Netherlands Ambassador to Iran

..one of the best Yoga teachers I know.

Eka is one of the best Yoga teachers I know. He really embodies what Yoga means: Union of body, mind and spirit. His energy radiates light and he’s able to empower his students to shine, that’s beautiful as his heart. The rhythm of his classes is delightful, not too fast nor too slow, just perfect to carefully listen to your body and stay in touch with yourself. Eka taught me great pranayama and meditation techniques that I use daily now and change my life for the best. I am really grateful for this.

Barbara Gardenia
Yoga teacher and Spiritual Coach
Paris, France

…bring Lightness to the heart.

I begin to know Eka during my yoga teacher training process with the School of Sacred Arts (SOSA). I noticed his kindness and thoughtfulness before even I meet him in person. Throughout the SOSA training, Eka’s gentle presence inspired me in many ways, help me and guide me to reconnect with my higher self. With his gifted voice he touches and bring Lightness to the heart. I feel honored & blessed to know you, Eka.
Much gratitude from the Heart center for sharing your beautiful Gift and making my journey even more precious.
~ Love, Light and Blessings . ~

Hanny Chandra
Yoga Instructor, Chef
New York City, Jakarta

Eka is a godsend.

Eka is a godsend. He is a superlative young Balinese yoga teacher with an intuitive flow of energy, love and healing. He is “the real deal” and it radiates as he teaches. I feel blessed to have him support our monthly Cleansing and Detox retreats with his tailored movements and breath work. Our clients give him top marks both as a teacher and a human being.

Anne Hockett
Mind Body Medicine Practitioner
USA, Singapore, Bali

His open heart and humour make everybody feel comfortable and welcome.

The moment Eka walks into the room you can feel how dedicated and serious he is about his practise as he lights the incense and gives thanks to the Gods (you may change that last bit as this is only what we think you do, you might call it differently). His open heart and humour make everybody feel comfortable and welcome.

Peter+Michaela New
New Zealand

…a soft, gentle yet powerful experience.

To meet Eka on the Yoga mat was a soft, gentle yet powerful experience to me. Eka invites and encourages you to find your own inner self in a kind and dynamical way. His dedication and knowledge and personal style of teaching are very contagious and made me put my yoga practice in a new, different perspective: mine. Working with Eka simply made me happy! It felt a bit like a nice hot shower after Balinese tropical rains… I am very grateful for his contribution to my own path, namasté!

Rika Broers
African Dance Teacher

…a great sense of intuition, compassion and a nice gentle focus.

I met Eka during a visit to Ubud in April 2013. I did a number of different classes at Yoga Barn and was fortunate enough to also go to one of his Yin Yoga classes – a gentle class focusing on breathing, meditation and stretches. Eka, who was teaching the class, did so with a great sense of intuition, compassion and a nice gentle focus. His instructions were very clear, delivered with a soothing but confident voice. The atmosphere of the class (which was packed with people) was relaxed, with a real sense of calm and positive energy. I left the class feeling truly energized. I find Eka to be focused, calm and supportive. He has a genuine emotional intelligence that helps him be in touch with the need of people, a great skill for a Yoga teacher. We also had a one on one class, which was again very good. I hope to return back to Ubud and meet Eka again for more excellent Yoga classes!

Humanitarian Professional
Switzerland, Croatia, England

Eka teaches with patience and consideration…

Eka teaches with patience and consideration, which is what is great about his classes. He is able to help me realise that I can actually do more than what I think I can – which is always a welcome surprise! I always leave his sessions feeling positive and ready to take on anything! He is also a beautiful singer and a deeply expressive performer. Everything he does is from the heart, very much a Balinese quality, a rare and refreshing treat!”

Holistic Health Practitioner
England, Indonesia

Eka’s classes leave one feeling delighted and loved.

Infused with his natural warmth and glow, Eka’s classes leave one feeling delighted and loved. His physical grace and beauty, the blessing that is his singing voice, and his genuine connection with students make him a special teacher indeed. These attributes, combined with the richness of his Balinese heritage and his extensive time studying abroad and traveling the greater globe, fashioned a young man who would excel in whatever he chose to do. As it turns out, he selected yoga as the primary vehicle by which to share his gifts. In doing so, his students became an exceptionally fortunate lot.

Troy McFadden
School of Sacred Arts
America, Canada

Yoga with Eka is a…

“Yoga with Eka is a journey into bliss….Most of my sessions with him were in the outdoors, a peaceful experience of meditation, deep, quiet breathing, stretching and strengthening my body, all the while smiling at the beauty of our practice and the exquisite environment that surrounded us. Eka takes you to that spot where body and soul connect, where your mind softens and leaves you in peace for a while. Every session with him helps me feel this blissful connection a bit more, a bit deeper, a bit broader. I love it. Thank you Eka!”

Dominique Gygax
Learning and Education Specialist
Switzerland, Egypt, Indonesia

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