Using light and sound stimulations, a Light Therapy is a way to experience deep relaxation and inner-awareness. Though the concept is simple, the technology is state-of-the-art.

Analogy: Consider sitting around a fire, on a beach with friends. The flicker of the fire attracts your soft attention. The sounds of waves calm your mind. Immersion in nature relaxes your body. Sharing with friends meets your social needs. You experience connection, acceptance and well-being. Your outer environment stimulates you and results in inner contentment.

Our Light Therapy uses gentle flashing lights and music to create external stimulation. You simply close your eyes, listen and let-go. The technology facilitates your body’s own relaxation response. There’s nothing you have to do. It’s a passive experience without the need for effort or trying.

The light is effective through your closed eyelids. The experience is pleasant and instantly effective. Light Therapy offers programs for relaxation, meditation, inner-connection, self-awareness, creativity, intuitive insight and much more.

Anyone, of any age can use a Light Therapy. We caution use by epileptics and people with extreme light sensitivity.


Hundreds of people have benefited from Light Therapy technology already. We are confident that number will grow into the many 1000’s in just a few short years. Each person will have different results and each person may benefit from extended use in short or long sessions. Here is a partial list of applications we’ve seen to-date:

Stress relief – deep relaxation

Improved focused attention – less scattered mind

Peak performance – increase endurance and stamina

Easier meditation – feeling of divine during prayer

Restoration of lost energy – better, more restorative sleep

Increase overall body vitality – also calming

Power nap like results in a just minutes

Dropping compulsive behavior – less neediness

Establish identity – improved sense of Self

Improve emotional balance – stabilization of erratic behavior

Connection to inner self – connection to higher-self

Establishes a sense of fulfillment – defines purpose in everyday life.

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