Yoga is a journey of knowing one’s self. Your journey may start with only a few gentle asana (postures), a simple breathing technique (pranayama), a soft chant of “Om”, and a minute sitting silently (meditation). With focus and dedication, Yoga can bring you a deeper awareness and understanding of the dance between the body, mind and soul, and the importance of maintaining harmonious relationships between the three. It is a path toward the union of the three.

Yoga is an art of self-healing, mindfulness living, and a commitment to love one’s self and all beings.

At Kailash Project, Eka Kailash offers the following Yoga styles:

Hatha Yoga (Hatha Flow, Vinyasa)

Hatha Yoga is the most widely known and practiced Yoga nowadays. Focusing on various asanas or postures, it aims to increase vitality, strength, and flexibility of the body. Hatha Yoga has been proven effective in the medical world to assist in healing various illnesses, as well as to help relieve stress.

Yin Yoga

Initially developed by a western Yogi, Paul Grelly, Yin Yoga practice focuses on applying moderate stress to the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and fascia). By holding seated or lying postures for two to five minutes, Yin Yoga is an effective practice to improve flexibility, circulation in the joints and stimulates meridians (energy lines) in the body. This calming and relaxing style is a meditation practice in and of itself, as it allows one to focus and observe various bodily sensations, thought patterns, and emotions while holding asanas in stillness.


Meditation is vital for everyone living in modern society. Having a regular and consistent practice of meditation will help practitioners find equanimity in the midst of their hectic modern lives. Various meditation techniques can bring a range of benefits, from calming the erratic mind, resolving past traumatic experiences, healing physical discomfort and illness in the body, and energy protection and cleansing.

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