Born as a Balinese, and raised on the island of Gods and Goddesses, mantras, rituals, offerings, deities, and dharma, Yogic philosophy was a part of my everyday childhood life. At four years old I was taught to make offerings and to chant the Gayatri Mantra, by eight I took over my mother’s responsibility of making and presenting various daily and special offerings. By ten, my dream was to become a priest.

Life changed unexpectedly fast when I decided to pursue my modern life dreams of experiencing higher education and a successful career as a researcher and media specialist. I grew up spending more and more time studying and working late hours with little sleep. I was only 24 years old and two months away from flying to the United States to pursue a masters degree, when one day I woke up with a severe lower back pain that prevented me from sleeping or walking for weeks.

After a series of visits to doctors and physiotherapists, which resulted in zero progress, I finally turned my attention back to Yoga and meditation. With a good dose of asana (posture) practices, I managed to cure myself

Like good medicine, Yoga works deep at the source of our problems, and has plenty of positive side effects.

Yoga and meditation helped me to reconnect my body, mind and soul. The practice brings vitality, strength and flexibility to the body, stillness in the mind, allowing us to connect with our heart and soul. Yoga and meditation also taught me the importance of finding balance between the spiritual and material world, so that we can live a happy fulfilled life .