Eka “Kailash” Sabeh

Earth is a school. And I am one of its students.
This makes studying a major part of my life.
I spent most of my youth studying very hard, which gave me the opportunity to experience the world outside of the magical island of Bali.

I learned about humility, kindness, acceptance, and gentleness in Javanese culture during my college time while working as a broadcaster in Yogyakarta, Central Java; and the importance of discipline and hard work from my classmates and friends in Singapore. The Fulbright scholarship program allowed me to live the American Dream for three years, while pursuing my masters degree in Media Management, followed by a full time job at a broadcasting agency in Washington DC.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my journey is the importance of finding balance between the material and spiritual world. When I was little, Bali gave me what I needed to grow healthy, allowing me to make strong connections with nature and the spiritual world. America was very generous, fulfilling all of my earthly desires, great food, designer clothes, fun parties and more. But, my soul was missing daily prayers, rituals, meditation and Yoga.

In 2009, I decided to return home, to learn to understand the meaning of living a balanced life, a happy life.

eka-in-italyWith the help of my first Yoga teacher Linda Madani of Intuitive Flow, I moved to Ubud to deepen my Yoga and meditation practice. Shortly afterward, I received my certification as a Yoga teacher from the School of Sacred Arts, and began teaching at Linda’s studio and at the Yoga Barn. Since then I’ve been teaching Yoga and meditation at five star resorts, teacher trainings, and retreats on Bali and internationally in Belgium, and Italy. My background as a Balinese and my understanding toward the western world enables me to offer classes with an unique holistic approach for people with different backgrounds and walks of life.

I have also reconnected with my all time joy-maker of singing, performing on stage and writing music. With the help of fellow local musicians, I perform at special occasions on the island and Yoga teacher trainings. Sometime I also combine my classes with live music to add an extra soulful heart opening touch. To me, singing is a delightful wholesome way to express body and soul.

Once a student, always a student. Aside from continuing learn from my everyday experience and people around me, I also feel honored to be a student at the Oracle School, lead by my Russian shaman teacher Diana Manilova. Oracle teaches how we can better understand ourselves, for us to live happily on this beautiful home called earth.