It was truly a mystical, beautiful journey…

I am currently a holistic psychiatrist who has been exploring all different kinds of healing modalities so I can better heal myself so I can heal others. This healing experience was one of the most profound, and special experiences which I will never forget.

My session with Eka is something that can not be accurately described through the limitation of words and language as i was taught; spirituality is experienced not spoken. Communication and scheduling was a breeze and I showed up with my heart and mind open with no expectations. I was asked a few broad questions about myself and the session began. Within seconds of gentle touch I was intuitively brought into a sacred space in my subconscious. Through the transference of Eka’s tremendous heart energy I was able to freely explore my inner child. I was able to see how trauma as a child had led to fear in my heart and was able to see that it wasnt my fault and was able to bring love and forgiveness to myself. Then Eka transferred his touch to the back of my heart. Here I was able to intuitively feel and know my sense of purpose in this world through visualization of the life of Christ and my own life. His touch seemed to open a portal into the deepest part of the wisdom and memories held in my body and then bring a sense of love to each part. It was truly a mystical, beautiful journey into the higher parts of my consciousness.

I am profoundly grateful to my teacher Eka. His presence immediately put my body at ease and I trusted him as a healer i think because he radiates the energy of peace, discipline, wisdom and most of all unconditional love and a heart that has been moved by love to serve.

From my heart to yours…Please if you seek healing, do yourself and the world a gesture of love and spend some healing time with Eka; a beautiful, mystical, disciplined, loving teacher who has done the work himself and is now sharing it with this world. With love and gratitude.