…authenticity, kindness, intelligence…

As I was getting out of the Light session room, Eka asked if I would be up to write a testimonial for his new website.. “oh my, that was such a terrible session, if I do so nobody will ever want to do it” I thought… I grimaced and he said “oh but you can write on the cranio-sacral session” as I had one last July and totally loved it… I was like “okayyyy, suuuure…” but walking away it was “come onnnnn Eka, how could you ask me that???……”, feeling very disappointed about this session, as pretty much every emotion and sensation I usually run away from, came up while under the Light…. confusion, anger, doubt, anxiety, then a little break of gentle nurturing love, and quickly back to more confusion, then feeling my left leg being twisted and squeezed, followed by disappointment, feeling like a mess, stress, and anxiety again……

It all stopped only when the session ended. In between emotions it got really clear to me though that I had booked this session to escape what’s happening in my life and to spend some sweet time flying in the heavens….. Oh well, lying down under the Light with my eyes closed I had no choice but to face it and stay with it, so that’s what I did.

Walking back to my hotel, I wasn’t pleased with it at all, thinking I may never book a Light session again, and even cancel my cranio-sacral session next week… and definitely not wanting to write a testimonial about anything…..

The rest of the day was smooth, and I didn’t think about it much. The following day, much to my surprise I felt like a burden had been taken off my shoulders, in a very delicate way, with much love and grace and acceptance, and since that moment, I feel at peace with what is and what was!! Wow, that Light session was such a profound healing!!! Thank you Eka, your work is totally on point, and through it all I felt welcomed with so much authenticity, kindness, intelligence and the most beautiful smile!! You are very precious and gifted!! No need to say I can’t wait to my next session lol!!

I’d like to add that as an osteopath D.O. working with cranio-sacral too, the session I received by Eka last year was the best I have ever experienced. Highly recommended, just as much as the Light sessions.

Much love and gratitude Eka, wishing you the best and to you all, beautiful sessions and healing and peace.